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Our professional in-house maintenance team services issues large and small 


Clogged pipes, cracked tiles, broken appliances, interior painting—these speed bumps are part of home ownership. Sooner or later, maintenance issues arise. When they do, you don’t have to spend your weekend visiting the property, assessing the issue, and finding an available repairman. Our in-house maintenance team handles it all.



Whether it’s the occasional leaky faucet or the long overdue remodel, trust our team of maintenance professionals to get the job done. We have our own service trucks and an arsenal of maintenance equipment at our fingers. Highly experienced, A+ Realty Management is fully licensed and completely prepared for whatever you or your tenants throw our way. 


Our maintenance team is on-premise and always on call—you and your tenants won’t have to wait long for repairs. Owners or tenants simply submit a request through our online portal or via our 24/7 call center. We promptly send over the appropriate maintenance staff to solve the issue. When emergencies happen, our service department is on call after hours for emergency maintenance needs. And we always follow up with you after a repair is complete, so you never have to wonder whether the faucet is still dripping. 



A+ Realty does the heavy lifting, but we know who’s in charge—you. At the outset, we let you choose how much you’d like to be involved in the maintenance process: whether you’d like us to consult you for every repair, or make the best decision on your behalf. Whatever your choice, we make sure you’re never out of the loop—because we recognize that this is your property, your investment—and you’ve entrusted us to keep it perfectly maintained for you.

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